Attach photos and files from Mobile Device

How to attach photos and files from a mobile phone.

  1. wcutler
    Here are instructions for attaching photos to your posting from a mobile device. These are written based on my experience on an Android phone. If the procedure on another device is significantly different, please click the Discuss this Resource button on the rightand let me know what doesn't work. For attaching photos from a desktop, see Attach photos and files.

    The instructions begin at the point at which you have found the forum in which you want to do your posting, have clicked the Post New Thread button, or have started a reply at the bottom of the thread, and have typed some text.

    1. Look below the text area for the Upload a File button; click that. That button may be covered up by the keyboard - if you don't see the button, close the keyboard.
    Samsung Internet_UploadButton_Screenshot_20190330-141224_Samsung Internet.jpg

    2. Choose an action appears. Select My Files. Do not select from Recent files. Click Images under Categories. Select Camera (or the appropriate location.
    Samsung Internet_SelectMyFiles_Screenshot_20190330-121440_Android System.jpg Samsung Internet_SelectImages_Screenshot_20190330-121449_My Files.jpg Samsung Internet_SelectImagesSourcesCamera_Screenshot_20190330-121459_My Files.jpg

    3. Select images by clicking in the selection area next to the photo you want. If you click on the photo itself, you seem to exit this dialog. On an Android phone, you can only select one image at a time, but you can start over, in the same posting, and select up to 10 images one-by-one. On an iPhone, you can select up to 10 all at once. When you select an image, a Done button pops up. Click that.
    First shot is Android, second is iPhone, which totally wins on this dialog.
    Samsung Internet_Select_Screenshot_20190330-121533_My Files.jpg iPhone_SelectMultiplePhotos.png

    4. You can watch your file uploading, after which you will see it listed under Attach Files. Here is where you can click the Upload a File button again to add another file.
    Samsung Internet_AttachedFiles_Screenshot_20190330-121209.jpg

    You can click Create Thread or Post Reply at this point, or if you want to position your photos in the text area, either position your cursor at the line after your text and click Thumbnail after Insert every: or position your cursor where you want each photo and click that photo's Insert: Thumbnail button.

    Remember that you need to click Create Thread or Post Reply to complete your posting.