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Online and written material related to gardening in the Pacific Northwest

  1. wcutler
    This resource lists websites and written material related to gardening in the Pacific Northwest. Note that there are separate resource pages for for Pacific Northwest Native Plants Resources, and Plants Identification Resources.

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    Arthur Lee Jacobson - Plant of the Month
    Every month since 2001, the author of Trees of Seattle chooses a plant or group of related plants growing in the Seattle area to write about and illustrate. Articles include both garden or cultivated species and wild ones.

    Link location Arthur Lee Jacobson's Plants of the Month
    Submitted by Ron B
    Submitted date 01 dec 2019; last confirmed 01 dec 2019

    Catkin-Bearing Plants of British Columbia
    This book (Brayshaw, T. Christopher, Royal British Columbia Museum, 1996) describes all 67 species of willows, poplars, birches, alders and other catkin-producing plants found in BC. Each description includes a distribution map and finely detailed illustrations by the author, an accomplished botanical illustrator. It also includes diagnostic keys.

    Link location: Catkin-Bearing Plants of British Columbia | Publications Shop | Royal BC Museum

    Submitted by
    Daniel Mosquin
    Submitted date 22 Jul 2020; last confirmed 11 Aug 2020

    Flora of the Pacific Northwest
    This book (Hitchcock, C. Leo and Arthur Cronquist, University of Washington Press, Seattle, 2nd Edition, 2018) has identification keys and illustrations of wild-growing native and introduced vascular plants of Washington, the northern half of Oregon, Idaho north of the Snake River Plain, the mountainous portion of
    western Montana, and the southern portion of British Columbia.

    Link location: Flora of the Pacific Northwest

    Submitted by Ron B
    Submitted date 9 May 2020

    Great Plant Pics

    Great Plant Picks is an educational program committed to building a comprehensive palette of outstanding plants for maritime Pacific Northwest gardens. Great Plant Picks is one of the educational outreach programs for the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden, providing a forum for sharing horticultural information with the wider gardening community. It has been recommended for answering questions such as what should I choose for this spot / location / purpose etc in the coastal Pac NW (coastal Cascadia). It has good photos, and the information about the garden is interesting as well.

    Link location Great Plant Picks: Unbeatable Plants for the Maritime Northwest Garden
    Submitted by Georgia Strait
    Submitted date 20 jun 2018; last confirmed 29 jul 2018

    Grow Green Guide

    The GrowGreen website is the work of Metro Vancouver (previously the GRVD), in collaboration with UBC Botanical Garden. It opens with features on Designing your space and Finding the right plant. The Green Thumb News page has several articles on various aspects of gardening, including one by Douglas Justice on called Why Grow Trees? The article is more than that, with quite a good description of how to plant trees.
    Green Thumb News – Practical, simple advice from the experts

    Link location Grow Green Guide Home
    Submitted by wcutler
    Submitted date 2019 Sep 22; last confirmed 2019 Sep 22

    Native Plants PNW
    "An Encyclopedia of the Cultural and Natural History of Northwest Native Plants", this blog website by Dana Kelley Bressette has pages on native plants and plant selection, and articles on gardening. It also has a page on reference books and websites.

    Link location Home
    Submitted by pierrot
    Submitted date 21 Jul 2020; last confirmed 21 Jul 2020

    Pacific Bulb Society
    The Table of Contents page says for genera "Contains links to our genera wiki pages, one of the web's largest collections of bulb photos and information."

    Link location Pacific Bulb Society | Welcome to the Pacific Bulb Society Wiki
    Submitted by wcutler
    Submitted date 2020 Jul 14; last confirmed 2020 Jul 14

    Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast
    This book (Pojar, Jim and Andy MacKinnon, Lone Pine Publishing, Vancouver, 1994, paperback, 528 pp) gets several mentions and recommendations on our forums.

    Link location Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast
    Submitted by wcutler
    Submitted date 2020 Jul 20; last confirmed 2020 Jul 20

    Surrey, BC: Exploring Surrey's Trees
    The City of Surrey, BC has a brochure and an online map of 23 heritage trees, and a list of the over 200 heritage-designated trees in the city.

    Link location Exploring Surrey's Trees
    Submitted by wcutler
    Submitted date 2020 Oct 29; last confirmed 2020 Oct 29

    Vancouver Street Trees
    This dataset, from the City of Vancouver's Open Data catalogue, includes a listing of all public trees on boulevards in the City of Vancouver and provides tree location, species and other characteristics. Park trees and private trees are not included in the inventory. It could be more accurate, but it can be helpful in figuring out the ID of trees of interest. Data is split into neighbourhood files. You can find a map of Vancouver neighbourhoods at Scout Corner - Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival.

    Link location Street trees
    Submitted by wcutler
    Submitted date 2019 Sep 29; last confirmed 2019 Sep 29

    WSU PNW Plants
    Washington State University Clark County Extension has a Pacific NW advanced search page that is not hierarchical - you can search by name or by several landscaping characteristics.

    Link location WSU PNW Plants
    Submitted by wcutler
    Submitted date 2021 Jan 01; last confirmed 2021 Jan 01