15 April, 2012 - Everything's in bloom

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    All the mid-season cherries are in bloom in most places, and some of the late season ones are starting in the West End.

    Joseph Lin seems to be shy this year, but he sends me some updates. Here's what he sent me yesterday:

    With (and a BIG thanks to) scouts Ding-ren and Martin, I led a group of 90 people around the West End and the Lost Lagoon and golf course area of Stanley Park today. Here are two photos taken by cherry scout Andy Phillips. The raccoon isn't actually on a cherry tree, but I think I remember it being an 'Umineko' in the background.
    20120415_LostLagoon_Shirotae_AndyP.jpg 20120415_LostLagoon_UminekoandRacoon_AndyP.jpg

    We saw, in order of first sighting:

    1. 'Akebono'
    2. 'Amanogawa'
    3. 'Yae-beni-shidare'
    4. 'Asagi'
    5. 'Takasago'
    6. 'Kanzan' just starting, some flowers open
    7. avium
    8. 'Shirotae'
    9. 'Rancho'
    10. 'Umineko'
    11. 'Mikuruma-gaeshi'
    12. 'Ukon'
    13. 'Sendai-shidare'
    14. 'Autumnalis Rosea'
    15. 'Somei-yoshino'
    16. Birch Bark Cherry (not in bloom, but flowers aren't the point)
    17. 'Snow Goose'
    18. 'Kizakura'
    19. 'Atsumori'
    20. sargentii hybrid
    21. 'Pandora'
    22. yama-zakura or something
    There's also 'Tai Haku' open and only a block from where we were, but we didn't go see it.

    A friend wanted to do this walk, and some scouts missed it, so I'm doing sort-of the same thing this Tuesday, April 17, but starting west of Denman. We meet at 1:15 at the A-maze-ing Laughter sculpture at Davie and Denman. Anyone is welcome to join us, no registration required, no fee. No books will be sold on this walk.
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    90? Wow!

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