18 inch JM seeedling found,pics

Discussion in 'Maples' started by TJoe, May 30, 2010.

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    I found this 2 year old (I think) seedling under my smoke tree in the background.
    Hopefully I`m not killing it.
    The mother tree is in the background.I purchased it maybe ten years ago and
    after looking at the leaves I think its a bloodgood. I purchased it at a reputable local nursery.Its a deep dark maroon in the spring but during the summer turns more greenish.
    Is this coloring normal for a bloodgood?

    Note; The mother tree is centered with the pot in the background of the first posted picture.The last picture shows its spring color.

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    Whether ot not your new plant came from a seed off the Bloodgood, the 'newbie' could not be described as a Bloodgood. If the mother is a Japanese maple it will have characteristics of BOTH of its parents (and only the bees will know the father :))
    Enjoy your new (free) plant and worry not over the name ..........

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