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    Hello if I can have the opinion of the specialists for the identification of 2 maples of my corner tree nursery

    n°1 :
    In a 3 year sowing of triflorum, I have this tree which I have cut short last winter and since I have more identity dubt with the strange characters. Seed come from park with a big collection of maple, only 1 triflorum with 1 griseum near, no maximowiczianum or mandshuricum .
    Wood and leaf with little pubescence, leaf with bugs (4,7 leaflet), red hairless petiole, white spot on bark but vertical crack, vigorous....
    Is it the effect of short cut or maybe an hybrid triflorum x ?


    1_1.JPG 1_2.JPG
    1_4.JPG 1_5.JPG


    1_2.JPG 1_1.JPG 1_2.JPG

    n°2 :
    The first one leave on spring are brown green. green bark white white line and without wood.
    Leaves exposed on sun wich spin
    7 leaflet. Very good automn color actually red
    I remember i've sow :
    [FONT=Arial,sans-serif]Acer campbellii flabellatum
    Acer campbellii var sinensis

    Acer japonicum
    Acer pseudo-sieboldianum
    A. pseudosieboldianum subsp. takesimense
    Acer shirasawanum
    Acer shirasawanum 'Palmatifolium'
    Acer sieboldianum
    Acer sinense
    Acer wuyuanense

    I think flabellatum but the other pictures of flabellatum on the forum are very distinctive. Your flabellatum have more longest leafl
    flabellatum or hybrid flabellatum x ?

    2_1.JPG 2_2.JPG 2_3.JPG 2_5.JPG

    2_6.JPG 2_7.JPG

    thanks for your answer.
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    small maples sometimes are very different to big maples ,for me is Acer triflorum.is also possible that the maple in park is by graft and propagation by seed return the rootstock tree.i have Acer griseum x pseudoplatanus is on natur hydrib ,the pics are in gallery in this forum ..for second maple no idea

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