2016 - Another early year?

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    We think this is going to be another early year, though maybe about four days behind last year’s blooming dates. The West End ‘Whitcomb’ trees are in full bloom. The map shows that cultivar in bloom all over the city now, though I’m not sure that’s the case.

    What’s also coming out are the plums. I hate it when they do that – it’s handy for newbies to know that the only trees in bloom are cherries, and many years the blooming times differ by a few weeks. West End plums are about 10% open.

    Here’s a comparison:
    Bob Loveless’s photo of plums from 2008 and mine from 2007. Note the round buds sticking out like lollipops, held away from the branch by thin stems around 1 or 2cm long, not in bunches. And there are some leaves.
    20080312_Marpole_Plum_Loveless_025.jpg Cutler_20070307_5.jpg
    My photos of ‘Whitcomb’ cherries. Note the pointed buds sidling along the branches, in groups of two or more. And no leaves out with the early cherries until their bloom has almost finished.
    Whitcomb_NicolaBeach_Cutler_20160209_142718.jpg Whitcomb_NicolaBeach_Cutler_20160209_142650.jpg

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