20200100 - Victoria/Vancouver - Survivors' Banquets - Jan/Feb 2020

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    Just a heads up that January/February, or very early Spring, is the usual time for Annual Survivors' Banquets for your local Mycological Societies. This is an annual event common to most mycological societies/mushroom clubs.

    These events are open to members, so if you are not yet a member of your local group, this gives you time to get your application in.

    For British Columbia:

    South Vancouver Island Mycological Society (SVIMS) - SVIMS – South Vancouver Island Mycological Society
    Vancouver Mycological Society (VMS) - https://www.vanmyco.org/

    For Alberta:
    Alberta Mycological Society (AMS) - Alberta Mycological Society

    For Washington State:
    Puget Sound Mycological Society (PSMS) - Seattle - Puget Sound Mycological Society | The Largest Mushroom Society in the Pacific Northwest - http://www.psms.org/index.php
    Northwest Mushroomers Association (NMA) - Bellingham - Northwest Mushroomers Association - Northwest Mushroomers Association - https://www.northwestmushroomers.org/
    Kitsap Peninsula Mycological Society (KPMS), Bremerton - Kitsap Peninsula Mycological Society – Welcome to the World of Wild Mushrooms - https://kitsapmushrooms.org/
    Olympic Peninsula Mycological Society (OPMS), Chimacum - OPMS – Olympic Peninsula Mycological Society
    Snohomish County Mycological Society (SCMS), Everett - SCMS – Snohomish County Mycological Society
    South Sound Mushroom Club (SSMC), Olympia - South Sound Mushroom Club
    Southwest Washington Mycological Society (SWMS), Chehalis - http://swmushrooms.org/
    Spokane Mushroom Club (SMC), Spokane - Spokane Mushroom Club
    Yakima Valley Mushroom Society (YVMS), Yakima - Yakima Valley Mushroom Society
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