Ferns: A few from my garden this morning

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    I thought as it's been unseasonably wet and cool, I would post a few of my ferns.photo number two has an unknown ID, so any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Arythrium niponicum Metallicum 296.JPG Arythrium niponicum Unknown fern 296.JPG Arythrium niponicum Bugundy lace  296.JPG Dryopteris lepidopoda Sunset fern 296.JPG Arythrium niponicum Ursulas red 296.JPG
    They are:- Arythrium niponicum Metallica, Arythrium niponicum Unknown fern, Arythrium niponicum Burgundy lace, Dryopteris lepidopoda Sunset fern and Arythrium niponicum Ursulas Red.
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