Identification: Abies numidica in Victoria

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    I have been collecting data from 12 historical plantings of Abies numidica in Victoria. Characteristics sampled include needle length (n=30), occurrence of stomata on upper leaf, number of lines of stomata, distribution of needles on branchlets, branchet colour and presence of hairs, bark colour and pattern, young and mature female cone colour, whether bracts are exserted or not, male cone colour, and position of resin canals.

    Historical data and the (now defunct) heritage tree society say that these trees were brought from Morocco by the original land owner. I am finding two different type of cones, half have greenish cones (Sept 8) with exserted bracts and the others have purplish cones with hidden bracts. Historical literature (Lui and others) seems to disagree on this characteristic.

    I am writing to ask whether anyone in the forum knows of someone with experience identifying this species.

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    Trees brought from Morocco are more likely to be Abies pinsapo var. marocana, and the short, glaucous leaves with radial arrangement of the 2nd pic supports that.

    The first pic, with slightly exserted bracts, is neither A. pinsapo nor A. marocana; most likely a hybrid of pne of these with one of the European / SW Asian firs, as the bracts are intermediate between the two groups. I fear it would need a DNA test to have much hope of identifying its parentage.

    PS welcome to the forums!

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