Acer and other genera: BCGI request for data from private gardens

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    I've been asked to pass along this request for data from private gardens. If you are growing the genera in question your information will be helpful in establishing their ex-situ conservation status. The deadline of July 30 2019 is unfortunately very near, but all submissions will be gratefully received.

    The Morton Arboretum, in collaboration with Botanic Gardens Conservation International U.S., are conducting a global ex situ collections survey of six priority tree genera: Acer, Magnolia, Malus, Quercus, Tilia, and Ulmus. These genera encompass The Morton Arboretum’s six nationally accredited collections through the Plant Collections Network.

    Follow this link for full information: BGCI Request for Tree Collection Data by 30 July 2019 | PlantNetwork

    As my particular interest is in Acer I'd like to also take a moment and introduce the Global Conservation Consortium for Acer: A Global Conservation Consortium for Acer | Botanic Gardens Conservation International

    Thanks for reading and I hope you'll find the time to contribute to this important work!


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