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Discussion in 'Maples' started by Jack Walker, Oct 9, 2021.

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    Hello and new to this forum. I have what I think are Acer palmatum shigitatsu sawa and Acer palmatum aka shigitatsu sawa, so red and green. They have struggled a little particularly the green one. Looking for advice on soil, sun, water, fertiliser and indeed anything else that may help. Both are in the ground near the drip line of a Copper Beech.

    Also interested in propagation of these,
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    Good morning Jack and welcome to the maples forum. I think to help members a few photos of what you have there would help a lot.
    Here is a link explaining how to do this.
    Attach photos and files
    The one thing I would like to add is that both the cultivars you have mentioned are very sun intolerant and prefer a lot of shade. They like a moist but free draining soil that is slightly acidic. If in the ground they really don't need fertilizer, but if the soil is not too good, then a granular slow release in the Spring is best.

    Hope this is of a little help to start with.


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