Acer shirasawanum Aureum trouble

Discussion in 'Maples' started by Deb1122, May 23, 2022.

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    We planted this beautiful try about 5 years ago in New Hampshire. It has always been so healthy with much new growth every year. At the end of last summer leaves were turning brown on several branches. This spring all of the middle branches are not leafing out. It is on the east side of our house and gets sunshine at least half of the day. We aren’t sure if we should cut branches and if tree is dying!

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    Good evening and welcome to the maples forum. Your Aureum is having troubles indeed. Firstly do a fingernail test on the bare branches. This basically is a scratch test to see if it is green below the bark. I suspect it won't be, but it's worth a check. If it is brown then that wood is dead and should be removed. The rest of the maple looks fine as far as I can see. So to get it in shape, I would consider a prune of the growing branches next late Winter early Spring. You can do a Summer in the next few weeks. But as the tree is struggling I would not advise it this year.
    Unfortunately branches do die off or become diseased and it is nothing unusual. I would continue to water when dry during May to September. Drought will cause stress and give rise to branches dying off. It will not need feeding.
    When you do cut out the dead branches, please do look for any black streaking in the cut cross section wood. If you do find this then Verticulum is a possible cause. There's no cure for this, but trees can survive.
    Hope this is of help.

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