Ailing Grape Vine

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    I have a Concord grape vine that is about 50 years old. When I was younger it would produce about 20 gallons of grapes. Last year it produced just over 7 gallons. So in the fall I cleaned up the arb and removed all the dead vines and put in new posts and wire mesh. When spring came the vines greened up very nice and there appeared to be a very nice batch of grapes coming in. I was betting we would have at least twice as many as last year. Last week I went out and everything looked fine. Grapes were young and green.

    This morning I went out and there is definately a problem. I am attaching pictures of the grapes. I think there is a disease or some other malady attacking the fruit. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do or have I lost this years produce? How can I avoid this in the future. Was the problem from my pruning last year?

    Thanks in advance.

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