Air layering pinus resinosa

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    My father has a pine that's been growing in a large 25 gallon pot for about 10 years. It's been in dappled sun. I strongly suspect it's a pinus resinosa because of the reddish peeling mature bark. The younger "skin" or bark is smooth and a silvery grey. The needles come in two per fascicle, and not as prickly as Japanese black pine. While in the dappled sun light location, it has lots of droopy thin leggy growth. I've moved it out to the sun and it's filling in nicely. Now I've wanted to propagate it for bonsai, and decided to try some air layering on it. Mine were started mid February.

    I use root hormone powder, copper wire for a tourniquet, and moist sphagnum moss. I put all this in pots secured to the area of the tourniquet, and water regularly to keep moist. I tried a one wrapped in plastic instead of a pot. In one of the ones I tried best possible to follow a man in California's method described from his Website. His name is George Muranaka.

    I know that this is successfully done on a lot of Japanese black pine, and less successfully in less vigorous pines. This pine seems to be growing vigorously lately in my opinion since I've moved it into the sun late winter.

    Has anyone tried air layering pinus resinosa? What were the results like? I've found a pdf file of a paper on the Internet, but it's very old and said that the results were not so great.

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