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    I have had an alocasia Regal Shield for two years and for the past few months, it has had problems with foliage. A year ago, this plant had larger leaves and produced more in the summer. This year, the leaves developed rusty brown (but not dry or crispy) areas on the edges of the leaves, that later had also yellow hue to them. The yellow would eventually spread across the leaf and it would die. Nothing like this had happened before. I am posting a photo of one of those leaves after it died off. The browning/yellowing issue seems to have slowed down now and the new leaves do not seem to be affected but there are hardly any new leaves growing. The newest one is tiny and almost white/transparent. Any idea what might be happening? Is it a nutrient deficiency? An infection? I will add that this plant did not go dormant last winter and is only kept indoors. It has been in the same spot for 2 years. It was repotted a few months back but the problem started before repotting.

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    Hi Karlakon, beautiful plant! I also grow alocasia indoors in this area, and I can see a couple potential factors that may have contributed.
    First, always top of the list, it could really use more light. Every inch you can get it closer to the window helps. Mine always have a couple leaves smashed up against the glass. Supplemental lighting on a timer, even if its a couple of 100w LED bulbs right above the plant on a $30 Walmart tall reaching-out lampstand reeeealy helps, especially with the dark winters we have.
    Second, I see you're letting it go to seed. That sucks a huge amount of energy from the plant. I cut those off the very second I realize it's going to be an inflorescence instead of an unfurling leaf. It's fun to see the flowers, but be coldly brutal here!
    Third, you're right, it's always a nutrient battle with these. They always seem to love the extra nutrients a small plant can pull out of a new pot of soil, and so can make their biggest leaves when young. As the plant matures, with a thicker rhizome and more leaves, it quickly depletes the supply of nutrients in the relatively tiny pots we keep them in. I use DynaGro Foliage Pro at almost every watering, flushing every couple months. So more light, more nutrients! :)

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