Propagation: Aloes turning white and rotting

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    Cabo San Lucas. Baja Sur, Mexico
    We transplanted 50 good looking aloes, they were healthy, after 5 or 6 days they start to turn white and rot/die, I believe it is a fungus, so far we have use a peroxide based fungicide with natural oils. Any ideas?

    The soils is very sandy and is not soaking wet, but moist, also very alkaline, about 9. Today I will put phosphoric acid in the irrigation water to balance the soil PH to 6.5 very bad soil quality so we put vermicompost to better it.
    Will they die? Should I cut the fallen leaves? We live in Cabo San Lucas, Baja Sur, Mexico, Aloe plants here grow all year long. Thank you much for your input.

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    Doesn't look fungal, and your topical application of peroxide and 'oils' may be contributing to the problem. I'm guessing here. Your aloes look like they are getting scalded by the sun. Could be too much sun on plants without a fully established root system, or on plants that have been sheltered by the larger plant they came from. Try a shade cloth.

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