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    Hi kiwi enthusiast,

    I established arctic kiwis (3 vines) Nova Scotia in 1997. Added three additional vines in 1999. The Actinidia kolomikti varieties are ''Krupnopladnaya", "Nahodka" and "Senty Abraskaya". One vine is now about 30 feet high and climbing into a nearby beaked hazel tree. I have set-up lines on which the vines are crawling nicely. All plants are planted in an arc at about 8-9 feet from the nearest vine. The first flowers appeared in 2004 but there was no resulting fruit. The vines with the largest leaves and most rigorous stems are growing vigorously. The smaller-leaved and more delicate vines are slower growing. How should I be pruning the vines (especially the taller ones)? Is there anything special that I can do to promote the pollination of the flowers? I was told by the nursery that each male vine requires a female (of another species) for cross-pollination. I would appreciate any advice that you can offer. Thanks!
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    Female of another cultivar, not species. If you are growning them through other plants little pruning should be required, unless they threatenn to overwhelm the hosts - and then what a chore, trying to go in and sort things out.

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