Autumn Joy offsets growing all over the stem!

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    I'm new to growing Autumn Joy. I went to divide the plant as it has grown a little out of control and I noticed today there are little offsets growing off the stem! I tried to look up online how to treat these but did not have any luck. Do I still divide the plant from the root? or do I tear off these little tiny offsets and replant them, OR do I cut off the stem with the offsets attached and plant the stem horizontally in the soil? What happens if I just leave them on the mother plant?

    There's even a part flowering and it's almost November.

    Help please!

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    Neat, I haven't seen that on 'Autumn Joy' before.

    First of all, here's a general guide to propagation:

    How Does Autumn Joy Sedum Reproduce?

    It doesn't cover your specific instance, but sedums are generally forgiving with propagation. I think the only thing you can't do is leave these aboveground outside for the winter (and they won't have time now for establishing roots if you were to place them or the cut stems into outside soil). Do you have the option of either plucking these off or cutting the stems and keeping them indoors in soil that won't freeze (like a heated garage?). I'm not writing from experience, though, so hopefully someone more familiar with growing these in colder winter climates adds their thoughts.

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