Avian Death Mask

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    WARNING graphic image of bird death.

    I was having my morning coffee at our Tucson home. I looked out the large windows of the front veranda and the sun was illuminating a pattern on the window. Looks like a bird, I thought. Then I realized it really was an image of a bird! It was the dead bird we had found when we arrived. When it hit the window, the impact must have knocked sticky dust from the bird and it left an impression of the bird's final moment on the glass! It's creepy as you can see the eyes and beak and even the pattern of the feathers and the wing joint.

    It's kind of a creepy thing for me to post, but an amazing image and a reminder to try to structure the garden in such a way to prevent birds from flying into glass. This does not usually happen here, because of the veranda overhang, but this particular bird would have been flying fast directly into the window to make such an impact.

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