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    We were from Iowa where we got lots of snow and below zero temps. Summer was humid and rarely got past 90degrees. Ia methods verses Az methods are a whole new school to me. Back home we watered heavily prior to frost and definately before freeze. Here I was told not to do this. Further it is very arid here and no humidity and mostly warm climate which is wonderful for human health reasons. We also dont get the rapid temp. drops. I am having such fun planting all the kinds of plants,trees,palms, and perininals that wont grow in Iowa and I only saw them in photos--but I am very sad when I loose one and dont understand if its the climiate, soil, or something I did wrong. Ive learned one thing though the books may tell you full sun but out here mostly you want partial shade.

    Example: a friend brought me some of my beautiful yellow daylillies I had along my back yard fence last Oct. They seemed to do well and I thought I would be able to grow them here until the last 2 weeks when they turned yellow and wilted. We had only 1 freeze short and the rest of the lows were 33 34 and up and mostly 40 in Dec and January and that was just at night days were always 50's

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