Ferns: Balcony plant: Coniogramme emeiensis 'Golden Zebra'

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    I am so excited to have just found out what this plant is on my balcony. I never photographed it during the two years it spent as what I thought were two leaves around 1 cm long appearing, then disappearing, then reappearing from the drainage hole of a pot in which I thought I was just trying to root some cuttings. I did remember that I once had a fern with stripey leaves, but I didn't recognize this at all as being fern-like, thought that was just a co-incidence. But Plant@Net came up with some ferns that clearly were not it, but said "A more probable species (Coniogramme emeiensis Ching & K.H.Shing) was found in the World flora flora." Everything on the page says I was looking in World flora, but anyway, when I clicked the link, it came up with the name and over 50% probability. I even found my old label.

    I am a little surprised that something so determined to hang on to life in the drainage hole didn't find its way back up to the top of the pot. Last month I finally broke the pot and replanted it.
    Coniogramme emeiensis'Golden Zebra'_MyBalcony_Cutler_20230726_110445.jpg
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    Great story, and a lovely plant.
    Go fern go! :-)
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    Nice little fetn!

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