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Discussion in 'Poaceae' started by Debbie Pyke, Aug 28, 2009.

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    I have about 1 acre of bamboo I would like removed from my property. There is about 20 varieties black, varigated, green, yellow, ect. Is anyone interested in harvest it ? And what is the value of the bamboo so I could try to sell it on craigs list?
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    I don't know anything about marketing bamboo -- I'm sure there are buyers out there -- but I'd offer two notes of caution.

    First, you'd want to get a definite ID of the species involved, unless you were going to offer some of it as "Unknown green-stemmed medium height Phyllostachys" or something.

    Second, it's not usually an easy job to dig up mature stands of bamboo and transfer them to pots. Sometimes heavy-duty equipment is needed to cut through the tough, established roots. And I'm not sure whether this is the best time of year for it -- maybe early spring would be better, when the plants are about to emerge from winter dormancy and start growing new shoots.

    All things considered, I wonder if the best bet might be to look for a nursery or a specialized bamboo grower in your area that might want to buy the lot and assume the task of getting them out of the ground.

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