Begonia from outdoor to indoors?

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    Burnaby North on a slope facing south & a view :-)
    I saw this summer by a friend on Salt Spring island her Begonia growing on a full South facing deck. I have one shaded corner where I usually grow one basket.
    I moved it indoors now , first time, by South facing window.
    Will they go on growing?
    They are very long , can I cut them to stimulate growth and flowering?
    Can I replant the cut tube as half my pot is empty due to previous corner position.
    Will they still die in a few weeks as they did outdoors?
    Will the shock from shade to sun kill them? Should I put them near in indirect sunlight?
    I am rather an instant gardener.
    The blooms are very pretty although,
    last year had a Dragon begonia, (if I recall the name correctly) that was phenomenal but could but find one in any of the south Marine drive nurseries
    Thank you.

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