Best Soil for Concord Grape?

Discussion in 'Grapes and Grape Vines' started by Eric La Fountaine, Sep 13, 2005.

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    The following was received via email:

    I am getting ready to plant a concord grape vine purchased 12/09/05 and am wondering if they have particular soil needs besides good drainage???/
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    Soil depth is a factor; some studies indicate that anything less than 36" or 1m will leave the vine more vulnerable to drought stress. High pH (over 7.75) will reduce nutrient avaliability. Soil that is too rich can lead to excessive vegitative growth and problems with canopy control.

    Some of these issues can be mitigated by using an appropriate rootstock, so the next question is: is your vine "own rooted" or if not, what is the rootstock. Concords are usually own rooted.

    Last question(presumptuous)(s): where are you located and why are you growing a Concord grape? Do you need the hardiness? Can I suggest Canadice, similar in usage, but earlier, increasing your chances of a fully ripe harvest.


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