Blue Star Creeper - slug damage

Discussion in 'Groundcovers' started by Sabine, Mar 11, 2008.

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    I have some blue star creeper that I planted last summer that was doing fine up until about a month ago. At that point, I noticed the center of the plants dying out. I thought it was due to frost until I looked closer and found slimy trails all over them. I have set out beer slug traps and sprayed the groundcover with a water/ammonia mix. This seems to be taking care of the slugs on the plants, but I am concerned if they will grow back. Two of them are so eaten down that I can see the original nursery soil from the pot. However, they have grown a lot into the surrounding area, and their runners in the outlying spots look great.

    Will they regrow their centers? If not, how would I fix it so they don't look all demolished and ugly?
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    Blue Star Creeper is very vigorous and will come back, I am sure -- just keep up the slug baiting and trapping. I had just planted some creeping phlox, and noticed some damaged in the same way, just a few days after planting, and I saw a slug at it. So, after putting slug pellets around, I am hoping they too bounce back. I did not realize that slugs like Phlox subulata... do deer? I don't think it was deer nibbling... I have never heard of water/ammonia spraying, is that to remove the slime? I might try that, if so -- let us know. Just wait for the Blue Star Creeper to re-develop, they will.

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