Bougainvilla doing poorly

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    Hi last year I gave in for my love of Bougainvillea and got a small one that I kept in a sunny yet dry place outdoors. I then took it inside in September and put it by our sunny south facing living room window. It's in a one foot tall classic Italian clay pot with oIt did quite well and made several big fist sized clumps of pink leaves. But then somewhat I don't know why it started drying out.
    Now was it me under watering. I always been told they don't like too much water. I always water only around the main stem to make sure not to touch the leaves.
    Now it makes fresh tiny new leaves at the top end. But will it make it?
    What and how much does a small plant like this need. We do have the electrical heating under the window but must of our plants are doing well there on a special shelve over a big coffee table.
    Thanks for any opinion

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