Cacti Questions and seeking a good place to buy them

Discussion in 'Cacti and Succulents' started by Jason, Mar 6, 2006.

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    I'm looking to buy two 5-6 feet tall cactii plants and have a few questions. Picture a well sunlit room with a double standard window and a radiator just underneath in the center. I want to put the cacti plants in the two corners just left and right of this window.

    1 - Will it be enough sunlight in the room even though there may not be any direct sunlight?

    2 - Will the radiator be a problem (just in the winter of course).

    3 - Room gets hot in the summer, so I assume more watering is needed?

    4 - I've seen 6 foot Peruvian Cactus for $250 in NYC. Is 250 a fair price for 6 feet? 5 footers seem to be signifantly cheaper, about $135-$150.

    5 - One of the cacti plants I looked at had a one inch cut/slice on the top... Will it rejuvenate?

    6 - How rapid will the cactii grow? If I keep it in the same pot, will that have an effect? I have 8 foot tall ceilings...

    7 - If you're in the NYC area, know of any GOOD nurseries?

    That's it for now... thanks!


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