Can limestone rock affect the soil pH or soil condition?

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    I was wondering about this decorative limestone landscape rock that a lot of people have incorporated into their landscaping, gardens, etc. I have been speaking with a gentleman who is having problems with his Spruce trees. First of all he has a very high water table which seems to be causing problems with too much water but in addition he has covered the ground under the trees with a thin layer of this rock. Could this be adding to his Spruce problems?

    What exactly is the make up of the rock? Is it just called Limestone rock because of its colour or is it really limestone and does it have all of the properties of limestone? I have no clue, obviously! Any info you could give me would be great. Thanks in advance.
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    I would assume it is limestone, i.e. calcium carbonate, though I guess that's not an absolute guarantee there is no mis-selling involved. Such things do happen occasionally, unfortunately.
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    Not sure either, but a quick search on "limestone rock mulch" brought up several sites that warned against its use around acid loving plants.

    Limestone varies depending on the amount of components other than calcium carbonate: CaCO[sub]3[/sub], so the appearance also varies.

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