Can you transplant grapes in July?

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  1. I have a piece of property with 8 or 9 grapevines thought to be about 60 years old. They have to be moved within the next three weeks or be destroyed. My husband and I would love to have them at our house and we'd like to transplant them except for it's July. We've already cut one of them back and sap is just pouring out of it and we're afraid we've already killed it. Are we completely out of luck saving these guys or does someone have some ideas?
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    Hello I am new to this forum, and I also transplanted some grapes in the summer.

    The grape vines got stund a little the rest of the growing season, and I woundn't do

    it again. Because I lost them all. Melot, vidal, chadonnay one of each. Maybe It was

    the cold? For me.
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    Yes, the Grapes can be saved and transplanted in July.
    I've transplanted plants many times in 100 degree
    temperatures. The sap flow is a good sign these Grapes
    are healthy, so that is not a major concern as you will
    have to trim them back anyway in order to transport
    them to their new home. The hard part will be digging
    them up and even then you do not have to have a lot of
    root system for them to survive. Start by trying to dig
    in a circle 2 feet away from the base of the vine and one
    foot straight down as best as you can. You may even
    need a saw to cut through the lateral roots. When you
    have completed your circle then angle the next shoveling
    also in a circle from the foot depth where you left off
    towards the base of the vine. You may even want a
    professional arborist to help you as they will know how
    and when to free the vines, how to transport them and
    transplant them all for you in the same day. What you
    do not do is fertilize these vines with any Nitrogen for
    the rest of the year. Keep them well watered, deep
    watering about twice a week when the temperatures are
    warm but do not over water the vines, no everyday deep
    watering and they should come back for you.


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