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  1. I am hoping you can help.
    A couple of years ago I planted some grapevines (two of them, basic table grape varieties) I have pruned back to some larger sections and last year actually got a few bunches of scraggly grapes. Tiny and quite sour, but I was thrilled. This year, it looks like I am getting the beginnings of quite a few bunches and I really want to do whatever I can to encourage them to be wonderful full bunches of delicious sweet grapes. So, my question is this...

    Should I do anything special? My instincts tell me that I should cut back any growth on the individual vine sections that is past where the grapes are beginning. As I picked up the snips I said WAIT, ask them that know...
    Can you please tell me what, if anything, I should be doing now?

    Thnks so much.
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    These vines are still young, and you can help them gain strength by pinching off some of the fruit clusters, maybe half. This will also give more resources to the remaining bunches.
  3. Pinching leaves fine, grape clusters.. yikes, i did not want to do that.. but i hear you and thnks for the knowledge. I will follow the word of the masters, and perhaps next year can harvest a good amount.

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