Composted Manure in BC Available

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    I am new to the board, so I would like to say hello. Also I am not sure if I am allowed to post this in this thread or at all. If it is a problem please feel free to remove or deleat it.

    I have free horse manure from my farm, composted and great for gardening. We will fill your truck for free with our tractor or for a small fee deliver. You may also have it by the bag for free.

    Please feel free to email me at

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    Re: Composted Manure

    Hey Megan,

    Welcome to the boards. I think it's a great offer. I've changed the title to reflect that the offer is for folks in BC, since we do have an international audience.
  3. Thank you so much,

    I never even thought about that.We are right in South Surrey, B.C. for anyone interested.

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