Composting Procedure

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    Brantford,Ontario, Canada 9 October 2007 Composting Procedure.

    All plant vegetration is put through the chipper shredder (seven years old, pull start and starts effortlessly), and put on the compost heap. Grass clippings are obtained from my neighbour. My grass clipping are left where they fall.The total compost produced is about 4 cubic yards per year. This product is spread on the garden in the Spring, and worked into the underlying soil. I fork the pile over to an adjoining bin a couple of times a year. I notice that the grass clippings have high bacterial activity, and can get too hot to touch. The pile always has a relatively pleasant odour. During the winter I cover with a tarp.
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    Awesome Photos! How do I get my husband to buy be a shredder? I'm still waiting for the rototiller to get working again and from what I understand it only needs a part And I've requested that my father's smaller size lawnmower get looked at and running again. Nothing was wrong with it the last time we used it. It just needs to be started after a long winter, and now it is the end of October!

    I have three sons that are mechanically inclined and the eldest lives down the street and works on all our business diesel vans and other mechanical problems. So why is the woman's needs put on the back burner? LOL And I suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Elbow tendonitis so it is getting harder to garden without some mechanical device.

    Actually, the men in my family are helpful, but since they aren't using the equipment it stays untouched. They are so not gardeners! If it isn't computers or machines or our manly business, they aren't too interested.

    They are very handy to have around I admit, and I do have the cutest little grandchildren that I'm lucky to have live down the street. ;-)

    And another thing, my eldest son can weld and he made me the neatest obelisk out of rebar. But I caught him at the right time while he was putting together a steel trailer. Plus he did gut the house he lives in down the street from us and still has a basement to finish up. So I can't complain. I just do what I can and wait for the teenage football player down the street to finish up with football and come help me again. And he likes to landscape etc. and he needs money!

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