Concord Grape Recipes

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    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    The central Ottawa home we moved into last year has 3 very well established (approx 15-20 years old) Concord Grape vines. They provide a stunning natural cover (over a 15'x10' steel arbour) to our backyard patio and were one of the selling points of our home. Last year was a mediocre harvest and to tell the truth we were too busy working on the indoors to bother with outdoors, although a relative gladly harvested, juiced and jellied our grapes.

    This year, with the help of the original owner of the home, we pruned (what seemed drastically to me) our vines, and we have an extra-ordinary harvest this year. Our next challenge is to determine what to do with this harvest.

    We have no interest in wine making, preferring to support the Canadian professionals in this area. What we are interested in is making a jelly of some sort. We are up for experimentation in this area and I have been scouring the web for recipes. We are leaning towards a combination sweet/hot jelly - similar to hot pepper jelly, but have been unable to find recipes or even suggestions of recipes in this area.

    Also, we need some direction in what steps are required to take the grapes from vine to jelly -- ie how to separate skin from pulp, etc..

    I would appreciate any help, either in this forum, or via links to other websites, that members of this forum can provide.

    Thanks & happy harvesting!!!

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