Concord grapes: are they self-fruitful?

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  1. I have a large, healthy concord grape vine in my backyard that I discovered last fall when I cleaned out a hillside. I pruned it back some and this spring it flowered heavily but there isn't any fruit. Another problem was that at the time of flowering (when the bees were visible) we also had several days of cold and rain. Also, this spring, I removed several other vines in my yard which might have been pollinators in the past.

    Thanks, Jim W.
  2. I finally found a reference to this at a University of Georga site ( that states concord grapes have "perfect flowers" and are thus self-fruitful. Something else caused my problem with the failure to set fruit. Jim W.
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    Sorry for the slow reply, but haying has priority!

    The bees have little to do with pollinating grapes, but cold wet weather can and regularly does interfere with it. And yes, they have perfect flowers (except for Muscadines) and do not need another plant to produce fruit. Nothing to do this year but pray for next year.


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