Beeches: Copper Beech Problem in hot climate

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    We have a Copper Beech about 45 years old. Australia has been having one of its worst droughts on record. This January when temperatures were in the high 30's (Fahrenheit) the tree in the space of 2 weeks, shed all its leaves. Obviously distressed. It has never done this before, usually shedding leaves in Autumn around June/July. Was this a temporary phenomenon or with global warming is it likely to recur? Is the Copper beech suitable for a hot, fairly dry area?
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    Methinks you mean Celsius ;-)
    No, even in Britain (where it never gets that hot and dry) it is considered drought-sensitive. I'm afraid it is unlikely to survive (I'm actually surprised it has lived as long as it has).
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    Don't give up on it yet unless the branches are drying out. Have you snapped one off to see. I am in the hills and we have 2 down the road that are a good hundred years old and doing fine. If the wood is still soft are you able to get some grey water to it or on yr watering days can you spare it a good drink by digging a trench around the drip line. I also make crow bar holes at intervals if it is a lawn underneath and fill these full of water. What type of soil are you in??? It may have gone into early autumn to save moisture. given it was only two weeks ago this may be possible. Some of my paddock decidious trees are doing and early leaf drop but are fine.


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