Couple battling municipality over 'nuisance' wildflower garden

Discussion in 'Gardening for Backyard Biodiversity in Canada' started by Junglekeeper, Jul 21, 2020.

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    This is a good example of changing values - considered idealistic by some; passive-aggressive by others.

    Really though, who can argue the wildlife value of what this couple are growing? We need new definitions of what makes a garden or community beautiful .
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    I know I'm going to upset people now, but the law has to obeyed whether it is right or wrong in peoples minds in today's standards.
    What has to happen is the MP for the area to become involved in a motion to change this bi law. Only then will this couple be able to grow the lovely wild flowers they wish to. But as there have already been complaints to the contrary, it might not get very far IMO.
    These battles can go on for many many years I'm afraid.
    Just a perspective from someone who's job it was for 30 years enforcing the law in the UK.
    Totally agree with @Margot btw, a new definition is required.

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