Deep-sea ecology and seafloor observatories

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    NEPTUNE Canada at and a related project VENUS Underwater deep-sea online camera observations of marine life {check calendar}, associated videos, experiments, and much more. Observations include the warm water sea vent areas and associated marine life.
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    The Deep Sea ( has illustrations (I think, or maybe they're photos) of sea life existing at progressing ocean depths - you scroll from the ocean top, all the way to the bottom, watching the reduction in amount of light for a while as you descend. I'm at 3177 meters right now and have travelled about a third of the way on the page; I'm looking at a cosmic jellyfish that looks like a UFO, not that much deeper than the headless chicken fish (a sea cucumber). At 10919 meters, it gets to Challenger Deep, which was the clue in the crossword puzzle I did today; a comment on the blog for the puzzle is where I learned of this site.

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