Do Dormant Plants Need Light?

Discussion in 'Plants: Science and Cultivation' started by DavidB52, Jul 25, 2019.

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    Like the title says, I am wondering if plants need light after they have entered dormancy.

    The reason I ask:

    I am thinking ahead to this winter. I have some new young plants in pots and am considering moving them against the house during the coldest part of the winter (January/February.) This would be on the North side of the house. On the plus side: they should be a little warmer than being left out in the open. On the negative side: they would be in shadow ALL day, they would not get any direct sunlight, but they would still be able to experience day and night. But since they are dormant, would they even be "aware" of whether it is day or night, in which case, perhaps I could put them in a corner of the garage. Then it would be dark all the time until I put them out in the Spring.

    Hence my question.
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    In the case of citrus, a dormant tree should be kept in darkness to prevent photosynthesis as that would lead to leaf drop. I suspect the requirement for darkness would also apply to other dormant plants.

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