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Discussion in 'Cornus (dogwoods)' started by NehaVyas, Feb 20, 2005.

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    San Jose, California, USA

    I live in San Jose, Claifornia. My house falls in zone 8. Can I grow Dogwood in my backyard? Which Dogwood varity gives pink flowers and possibly in profusion? I am not sure of type of soil I have(acidic or not) but I do suspect poor drainage because house is near a creek and soil is always moist,clay like and also because an Orange tree we planted did not do well until we replanted it in a big pot. Sunlight is in abundance through out the day. House is north east facing. I do have Daises, Roses, Lavender and white Azaleas in the front of the house which are doing very well.

    Where can I buy good Dogwood plants through internet or any good nursery anyone knows of near San Jose/San Francisco area?
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    San Joaquin Valley, California
    Yes, you can grow Dogwoods in your backyard in San

    If you do not mind the drive this is the nursery I used
    to go out of my way just to visit when Tom was around.
    They can answer most any question you have on plants.
    It is a lovely nursery with professional, qualified staff.

    Not sure you were around when the old "Dirt Gardener"
    program was heard on Sunday evenings on KCBS but
    this is Bert's old nurseries. The Danville center is
    their showcase nursery. They will have Dogwoods
    and you can ask their staff about how to grow them
    and which ones to select. The closest store to you
    obviously is the Fremont store.

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    Orchard, good shop; but I was always more of a Harry's Nursery kind of kid.

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