Dwarf Lemon Tree Problem

Discussion in 'Citrus' started by bbrandon, Feb 6, 2006.

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    I have a dwarf lemon tree that is about 3 years old and is planted in a tub. The tree does not have the deep green leaves usually found on most lemon trees. I fertilize the tree with a citrus fertilizer spike about every 3 months. The problem is that the leaves are all falling off the tree. It produced lemons for the first time this year, only they were all located on just one side of the tree. The leaves have always been sparse and slightly yellow, but the current loss of leaves worries me. Any help for this problem is greatly appreciated. Thanks.bbrandon@bak.rr.com
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    bbrandon, I believe your tree is lacking from nitrogen, and probably other nutrients. I would not recommend the use of fertilizer spikes for container citrus. If it was my tree I would change to a water soluble fertilizer with a high nitrogen content a low phosphorous content and a medium potassium content plus trace minerals. Something with a ration somewhere close to 5-1-3 with trace minerals. Fertilize at least once a month, - Millet

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