Early Spring Plum Blossom Tour Vancouver, BC

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    Wanted to share the dashcam video I recorded of the early Spring Cherry Blossom Trees April 5-17, 2017. Many different coloured small size flower blossoms open earliest, larger fuller flowers late spring. The recent heavy rains washed some flowers off the trees leaving some streets looking bare. Only had a few days without rain to record the Cherry Blossom Trees in full bloom. Videos all taken on the WestSide of Vancouver between Arbutus Boulevard and Crown Street.

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    Thank you for sharing this video, which actually is a great presentation of the extent of ornamental plum tree plantings on Vancouver streets. There were no cherries until 2:52, and none between 6:23 and 9:09, with nine brief sightings on the rest of the tour. The 'Akebono' cherries were the white ones with the straight branches, goblet-shaped.

    Many of these trees have showed up in Vancouver papers during cherry blossom season, purporting to show cherry trees, so I'm not surprised you would think they are. One of our goals with the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival is to teach people to appreciate our cherry trees, and be able to recognize them. Until you "get it", you would probably have to stop and examine the trees in bloom to distinguish plums from cherries. Here is a posting by our festival blogger on what to notice to distinguish these:
    Plum trees versus cherry trees: how to tell the difference and identify them - Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

    If you were to drive this route now, in the summer, you would see the dark leaves on these purple leafed plums.

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