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    Hi all, apologies if this question is in a poor spot -- I am new to the forum, but seeking advice.

    I have a ~7 ft Eddie's white wonder, which I planted this spring, on a western aspect in Nanaimo. It is in full sun, and exposed to full afternoon sun... This time of year it has sun from about 1300-2100. It is doing ok - despite leaf curl in this heat (supplementing irrigation with big drinks from the hose twice a day). I set up a beach umbrella to protect it from the worst heat of the day this week while we are in a heatwave.

    I am wondering, once established, will it be ok planted on the west side of my yard? I see they can do ok in full sun generally, but its the hot afternoon sun that concerns me. It will outgrow the beach umbrella eventually. My other option is to try and transplant it to another location in the yard, but no where else gets much sun at all so it would be getting 4 hrs or less elsewhere on our property.

    Thanks for any advice, and if anyone has a successful white wonder on the western side of their house or yard please do tell :-)

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    Plant upon which cultivar was based was selected from a field of lined out seedlings in the Lower Mainland. Which was presumably the usual fully exposed riverbottom location favored for agricultural production including horticultural crops. (In fact all the other seedlings from the same batch were destroyed by flooding, so again the implication that the growing site was soil deposited by a river.) Otherwise some pretty large examples growing in typical planting sites among buildings and other sources of reflected heat are known from Seattle.

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