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    A fantastic FREE Zoom conference is coming this fall. There will be lots to interest all gardeners not only those who grow rhododendrons. Just look at the list of top-notch speakers! Register now!

    Fall into Gardening
    October 23 and 24, 2021
    Hosted by Mount Arrowsmith Rhododendron Society and
    Nanaimo Rhododendron Society in partnership with
    Vancouver Island Master Gardeners

    Saturday Speakers and Topics:
    • Hartwig Schepker, Germany, Sichuan: A Plantsman’s Paradise
    • Shannon Berch, BC Canada, Living Soils
    • David Sellars, BC Canada, From Rhododendrons to Rock Gardening
    • Don Hyatt, Virginia USA, A Walk in the Woods

    Sunday Speakers and Topics:
    • David Millais, UK, Conservation of Heritage Rhododendrons
    • Linda Chalker-Scott, WA USA, Landscape Mulches: The Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain Ugly
    • Richard Dionne, QC USA, Growing Rhododendrons in Québec’s Harsh Winters
    • Don Wallace, CA USA, Fragrant Rhododendrons

    To Join us please register using Mailchimp at
    Fall Conference 2021


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