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    Finally finding time to start getting back into having some plants in my home and have recently purchased some new plants [e.g. dracaenas, yuccas, scheflerras, cordyline terminalis,...] and one thing I have noticed in checking the net for info on care for these plants is, while frequency of necessary fertilizing is mentioned for them, the balance is not shown. Assuming that the Majesty Palm I just got today will need a different mix than the dracaenas for example, where can I go to find out what I need to be applying? Thanks in advance ... Wayne L.
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    Hi Wayne,

    Most houseplants do well with a general organic fertilizer. I use fish emulsion, sometimes with sea weed added or milk. A tablespoon of milk in the watering can will supply calcium and minerals or you can fill your newly emptied milk container with water and use that to water your plants. Works especially well with flowering plants.

    Unfortunatley Majesty palms do not generally make good house plants.


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