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    Right, where to begin lol

    Apart from being new here & sayin HELLO to you all, it starts with.....

    I remember seeing somewhere either the net or a mag or possibly a book, about using banana skins as a fertiliser, by this I mean... Soaking the skins in a bucket of water for a few days until the water is brownish and smelly, and then pour it onto desired area.

    Now I have been trailing the net for a few hours now trying to find out if I can put this onto my lawn, as its not looking dazzling anymore! (5yrs old from sowen from scratch.)
    But nowhere does it states I can, it just says great plant food, etc

    My lawn has had quite alot of thatch this year, I started my lawn care around march, with a spring weed & feed, then followed a week or so later with its 1st cut of the yr. I have weed/feed it regulary, airated & scarified it too, but its still looking bleak :(

    Would this banana peal/water concocion maybe, possibly perk it up a lil??[/
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    When looking for natural fertilizer or my vegetables I came across quite a bit of internet material about coffee ground being good for anything green... the lawn being one very successful beneficiary...

    ... and Starbucks gives you a huge bag for free...

    Let us know how it goes, eh... Good luck !!

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