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    i have mixed 1/2 kg urea, 1/2 kg murate of potash an 4 kg of calcium super phosphate in a land of dimension of 14 feet by 6.5 feet and mixed the land properly and left for 10days and after 10 days that is today planted merrigold (flower)and dalia (flower) plants brought from nursery i also bought a plant growth regulator vipul (godrej) from nursery this all i have done in accordance to guidence provided by local flower hobbist.....but i want a expert suggestion for my plants so i would request me to help me in this regard

    Please tell me do i need to add more fertilizer in addition to what i have added as mentioned above if yes than which fertilizer and in what amount and what time starting from today (the day of plantation) i would also like to get sugesstion that at what time i should use VIPUL (plant growth regulator) and whats the procedure to use it including the amount that i need to add per litre of water

    please provide me the guideliness
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    The problem is you can't really know what minerals to add until your soil has been tested and analyzed. Be careful about pouring on fertilizer without knowing what the mineral content of your soil is. At the least you can be wasting your time and money, at worst you could overdose the soil and make it unusable. If soil testing is not available to you, I don't know how you can avoid gambling that you are doing the right thing - unless you live in a region that has a large area of the same soil throughout and you can draw from the experience of others.

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