Forums down - Jan 12/13 2023

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    Hi all,

    The machine running the forums went down for about 27 hours starting on the AM of Jan 12, 2023.

    This was the result of me mucking about on the web server trying to make changes for a new web tool that a student is working on. I tripped a software fuse that ensured server integrity, and not knowing how to reset it, left it up to UBC IT to restore the machine from an earlier backup -- that was the waiting part.

    I'd expect more hiccups over the next 16 months. The server operating system is reaching its end of service date; prior to that, everything will have to be migrated to a modern machine.

    No data / messages / etc. should have been lost. The database runs on its own server and was unaffected by the restore.
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    Thank you for the explanation, Daniel.
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