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    Southern Alberta, Canada
    Hi All,

    I've decided to try Frontenac vines next summer but would like to know if they need to be grafted to a hardier root stock or is their own root system hardy enough for a zone 3-4A? should I order grafted vines or just cuttings?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Hi Gerard; Frontenac should do well for you there without any rootstocks. I have it up
    here in Sherwood Park. It survived -38C last winter and produced a nice crop for me.
    Frontenac is pretty hardy. the vine is quite vigorous. Some of the other examples I've seen around this region tell me that it's a pretty good choice for 3b-4. I have had the
    vine for 5 years now with very little winter damage. You could also try Cliche it has fruited for me here as well. It's good to about -32C to -35C. It would be interesting to
    see how grafted vines would do . You would have to use v.riparia as a rootstock.
    In theory a proper rootstock used for winter hardiness may increase the overall hardiness of a vine by about 5%. If you live in an urban area around Lethbridge I
    don't think you should worry too much about rootstock. If you live outside of the city
    it might be something to consider. You copuld also try Marquette and Frontenac Gris
    if you can get the plants. Good luck.



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