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Discussion in 'Fruit and Vegetable Gardening' started by Acoma, Jun 18, 2009.

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    Durgan, or someone with garlic expertise, my question is the following. My hardneck garlic seems to have been growing ok yet, it appears that the scapes fail to punch out of the shoots, and there are numerous garlic plants that have knots growing within the shoots above ground. Now, I was scared and curious about the plants so I pulled one (gently and put it back in the ground) only to find that the garlic bulb was doing great in growth. The leaves of these are ok, not browning early, yet they (with knots) are forcing the leaves to kind of explode out and semi-downward due to this knot within the shoot. I don't believe I need to pull the garlic because of the continued positive growth, and only some browning of leaves at this time but................what's up? Any idea?
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    The description is beyond me. My experience is only with perfect growth and plant. Nothing adverse affects the plants, and I have not observed anything that would be considered abnormal. Maybe you could post some pictures?

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