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Discussion in 'Maples' started by cam, Jun 22, 2004.

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    A number of weeks ago I submitted a thread that asked for identification of 3 or 4 patches of a gell-like substance (aprox 1 inch x 1 inch) coming out of my 50 foot maple tree's trunk. The spots have since dried up. We did have a particularly wet spring and I was wondering if it was sap or something similar oozing out. No insects were noticed and it was not sticky.
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    Hi Cam:

    First off we need to know which kind of Maple it is.
    Then we will need to know where the sap was oozing
    from the tree, was it in the main trunk high or low in
    relation to the tree? Was the wetness in a crotch area?
    You will want to show us a pic of the now dry area where
    the wetness once was. Was the wetness spotted on the
    South or East side of the tree in a particular shady area
    on the tree or was the wetness viewed in a sunny location
    on the tree. What visible features can be seen that may
    have caused the wet areas?

    The reason I asked the above questions is that we had
    a Termite infestation in our old (40+ year old) Silver
    Maple right in a crotch area where 4 main branches
    shoot out from. The small sized moist areas and there
    were only about 4 of them were not sticky either.
    The infested areas were on the Southeast portion of
    the tree, completely shaded. I did not know the tree
    had Termites until I wanted to do some serious pruning
    to the tree. Don't tell anyone but one quick shot of
    Dieldrin and allowing much more sunlight into that
    area solved that problem several years ago.

    You could have borer damage but I think you have
    something altogether different going on and my
    worst feat is deep bark canker. Now, you have to
    help us in order to help you.


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